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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I should really never mention anything from my dreams again.

Have I ever told you about how much I love David Letterman? No? Ahh. Well, then...let me just say that Letterman is the most adorable, lovable, hilarious, double-breasted-suit-wearing man I've ever seen. I try to catch his show at least once or twice a week, and it never disappoints me.

I'm not even ashamed to admit that my first sexual dream was about Dave. And if that man can perform in real life anything approaching the studly caliber he was at in my dream, then he must make some lady very happy. I'm sure you could've lived without knowing that, but deal.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Don't fuck with my toothbrush.

Steve bought a $60 bottle of tequila and two cases of Sol last night. A good time was had by all, except when Mike picked on my Sonicare (which we all know is near and dear to my heart). "You have a mechanical toothbrush [hysterical laughter]. What the fuck, an electrical [interupted by more hysterical laughter] toothbrush!" We drank like it was our job. And I'd like to add, just in case anyone is keeping score, that I can hold my alcohol like a little fucking champion. Must be that Irish blood.

My only complaints are that my lungs are cashed and I have a raging case of the day-after-drunk stupids. In lab I was a clumsy fool; I kept knocking everything over. Even worse, I kept adding the wrong chemicals to the right reactions. I'm suprised they even let me in the lab, much less actually touch things.

Alright, nap time...

Sunday, May 11, 2003

We're young, free, healthy, wealthy and wise.

I totally just watched Beverly Hills 90210: The Reunion. And I'm not ashamed to say that I enjoyed it. Well, save for the last two minutes when they played the sentimental montage with Will You Remember Me blasting in the background. Touching, really. Bah.

Don't be suprised if I bust out with some scrunchees and lime green leggings tomorrow. I'm money like that.

Monday, May 05, 2003

Last night, I had the most absolutely horrifying nightmare ever - about comic book characters. I've never experienced a feeling of relief that can compare to one that washed over me when I woke up and realized it was only a dream. And get this...I was afraid to get out of bed to go pee. I just couldn't shake the thought of the Green Goblin reaching up from the toilet to grab me by my ass and pull me in. Serioulsy. You'd never believe what a scary fucker he is. Alright. Fine. Maybe I'm just a pussy.

I shouldn't have watched that interview with Stan Lee.